Is GenerOZity a charity with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status?

Yes, as of January 2021, GenerOZity Charity is a Public Ancillary Fund - A registered charitable entity that can offer tax deductible receipts on donations.

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What is GenerOZity? What is a Guerrilla Popup Charity?

Guerrilla means we are independent, lean and agile. We're not affiliated with any single other charity, and raise funds for a number of causes.

How much of the money raised do you give away? How do you cover operating costs?

100% of donations using our portal are given to the promoted causes (GenerOZity has raised hundreds of thousands and given away every cent).
Our operating costs are covered by sponsorships, and we've continued to work hard to keep these costs low (Thanks to our large group of volunteers).

Who runs GenerOZity? Who has access to Generozity funds?

GenerOZity is run by the 4 current members of the board of GenerOZity Limited (Joel Rennie, Austin Adamson, Ashley Hull, and Kevin Eidelman).
Only two members have access to the bank accounts and hold all financial responsibilities (Approval from both are required to move any money).

What charities has GenerOZity raised money for?

Childsplay Charity, Checkpoint Organisation, Cure Cancer Australia, Fire & Rescue Services (RFS/CFA). GenerOZity plans to publishes a record of the money raised online (pending).

I have a problem with GenerOZity. What can I do? What is your grievance policy?

Please contact the GenerOZity team directly by email or in person at the event. Please request multiple staff members if required

I want to make a formal complaint that'll require an investigation!

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Does GenerOZity have a Twitch Team?

Yes, We have our own Twitch Team, which everybody in our community can join. Members of our Team will be autohosted on our channel. (DM the team to be added).

Sponsorship: How can our business support GenerOZity?

Please email us at [email protected]

Is your content child/family friendly?

This question depends on the age of the viewer, we recommend parental supervision for people under 14. Our rules allow for swearing content during our stream and some video games may show violence, but we aim for a safe family friendly fundraising event. No sexually suggestive content is allowed at our events.

Can you make mistakes?

No, just happy little accidents.